This must be the place

  • Written by Dagbjört

Frís í æðum blóð

  • Written by Dagbjört

Oh how I love winter

  • Written by Aron
Why do we not travel more in the winter time? I can't believe that we Icelanders don't travel more around our country during winter!

One week ago we went on a spontaneous trip to the beautiful town of Akureyri and what a beautiful country we have. Seeing it in it's cold winter clothes is amazing and so different than it is in the summer. This trip has really opened my eyes for exploring my country during other seasons than the typical summer months, just can't imagine all the time I have been at home, inside because of the cold, waisting my time watching episodes of Friends (which I have seen at least 5 times before) and missing out on the majestic landscapes and nature just outside my doorstep. Well not any more. I am determined to travel more, see more and experience more of Iceland!

We shots some pictures and videos along the way and here's a video I put together from our trip. Enjoy!

Let's go

  • Written by Dagbjört

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware". 
Martin Buber

The heart needs it's rest. We spontaniously took off to Akureyri last saturday, adventure driven we went to one of our favorite places. It's different to drive through the country in the wintertime. Cold and white. It's quite the sight. We stumbled on a secret place..