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The creative director & co-founder of Just Us. A 25 year old photographer obsessed with fashion, travel and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy two ingredient cookies!

One of the greatest challenges in eating healthy is to find healthy snacks. We are such munchers, when we’re chilling, watching a movie or really just whenever we get a chance to, we’re snacking. 

So today we’re sharing this healthy and delicious chocolate cookie recipe! It’s so easy and quick to make, it literally takes less than 5 minutes to whip together and then just bake for 15 minutes! Boom. You’ve got yourself yummy fitness cookies. We made a batch right after lunch today and it didn’t take us very long to eat them all. And the best part is that we are eating them totally guilt free! No sugar, no gluten (if you use gluten free oats)! YAY!


The main ingredients are bananas and oats. The rest is optional, just mix as you please! So take 3 ripe bananas and mix with 1 cup of oats. Mash well together. We then added 3 tsp organic cocoa powder, a handful of coconut flakes, crushed walnuts and 1-2 tsp cinnamon. Then cook them at 180C for 15 minutes! Remember to use baking sheets, or they'll stick.

We had a lovely time on our balcony today eating these little delights, let me know if you do try them out! I'd love to hear how you liked them! Also, we made a Snapchat last month and you can see a little behind the scenes there from today's cookie photoshoot and more. Add 

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How to glam up your camping experience!

Last week me and Aron celebrated 5 wonderful years together. In these five short years we’ve traveled the world together, got married, moved to 7 different places, started a blog, worked together several different jobs, laughed, cried, and grown more than I thought possible.

Although we spent the whole day celebrating, I wanted to surprise Aron the upcoming weekend. So… I found a house-tent to buy and asked him to come “glamping” with me. For you who are unaware of what glamping is, it’s basically just glamorous & camping put together in one word. So, buying the largest tent I found, bringing our garden furniture with us, watching TV shows in the night, playing chess and drinking good wine, having the heater on all night and finding literally the most magical camping site ever (Seljalandsfoss) all played a part of our little “glamping” experience.




Here are a few things I recommend you take with you if you’re wanting to glam up the regular camping experience!

A heater

If you live somewhere cold like I do, bring a heater. What a life changer. Seriously.

Get a tent you can stand up in

Then you have a space to hang out in when it rains or the wind blows.

Bring your computer

Eat chocolate and drink fancy wine while you watch your favorite TV show’s in the night.

Bring a French press and a cattle

Because starting the day in the nature with hot coffee is just as amazing as it sounds.

Bring furniture

Because you deserve to sit in a chair like a civilized person.

Take chess and other board games with you

Because yelling “I WIN” is all apart of the experience.

Sleep on an airbed

They help to keep the cold from the ground from penetrating your restful night. And don’t forget the electric pump!

Bring candles!

And even a lamp to light up the tent better at night.

What would you add to the list? Hope your guys are having a great week so far! We just started a Snapchat account last week!  Add "" to connect! 

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The magical scenery in south Iceland

“That we leave our homes, that we step through our doors to the world, that we travel our whole lives not because we want to collect exotic T-shirts, not because we want to consume foreign adventure the same Western way we consume plastic and Styrofoam and LCD TVs and iPads, but because it has the power to renew us—not the guarantee, not the promise, just the possibility. Because there are places our imaginations can never construct for us, and there are people who we will never meet but we could and we might. It reminds us that there is always reason to begin again.”
― Stephen Markley, Tales of Iceland or "Running with the Huldufólk in the Permanent Daylight".

We took these while driving on the ring road in south Iceland.
The mountains wore white that day.

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How to look fresh, radiant and alert when you’re tired

  • Published in Beauty

Work has been a bit crazy lately, so squeezing in a social life, extra projects and time to spend with my loved one’s as well has lead to a few late nights. So here are a few tips and tricks I keep up my sleeve to look less tired and more refreshed.


Keeping your skin hydrated will make your face look smoother and more radiant. If you have dry skin, try putting on just a bit of coconut oil before you go to sleep and then wash off and apply moisturizer in the morning. I do this once in a while and it works wonders.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water, it keeps your skin plumped and it also helps keeping you alert. Try to cut down on the coffee since it’s dehydrating. If you want to make drinking water more interesting, try a herbal tea!

Wear a light, neutral eye makeup

Steer clear of any dark or smoky shades that will make you look like you haven’t slept for a month. Using highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and a white or nude eyeliner on the inner rims is the ultimate trick to looking instantly awake.

De-puff your eyes

There are a bunch of cheap tricks to try when it comes to puffy eyes. Cooling your eyes for a few minutes with a cold spoon or ice has worked well for me in the past. Alternatively, place 2 cold, used teabags on your eyes for 10 minutes when you get up. The caffeine in the bags reduces puffiness and makes your eyes sparkle!

Make your skin look well-rested

Dab a bit of Vaseline on top of your cheekbones to make your skin look fresh and dewy! It will give your skin a more glowing, radiant look. Pick lip colors that are extra creamy or stick with lip gloss.

What do you do to look more fresh and awake when you're tired? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section! 

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